Installing a CentOS Server Part 2

Step 9: Setup time zone

This is an important step to choose the right time zone as this will put a timestamp on any of the logs and is hard to change when setup so I would suggest doing this right.

Pick your country either on the map or from the drop down list and un-tick System Clock Uses UTC which stands for Universal Time Coordinated. Then click Next.

Step 10: Setting a Root Password

Set a root password in the box below and repeat in the second box. I would suggest use a password with Higher and Lower Case letters, and also include numbers. If you want to make it stronger I would also enter symbols. A great way to create a password that you will remember is to play with the words for example:
Wireless = W1r3L3ss
This will prevent any intruders which may run a dictionary attack. A dictionary attack is when they run a simple program to try every word in the dictionary until they get access.

Once you have chosen a suitable password click Next

Step 11: Selecting Server Mode

This is an important part of the installation. This is where you decide if you want a operating system with a GUI or a server. To install the server which we are doing un-tick all the boxes in the top window.

After that we need to select on what type of tools we want to be installed. Select customize now and click Next

Step 12: Selecting Tools

On the left hand side you have a list with each list containing many tools start from the top and select the tools listed below. If the tools are not listed below please remove them.

• Editors

• Development Tools

Base System
• Base

Click Next to continue

Step 13: Running the Installation
To run the installation with all your settings click Next otherwise select Back and change any settings you my have missed.

Step 14: Rebooting

You have successfully installed the CentOS server, now click on Reboot to restart the server and remove your CentOS DVD from your DVD-Drive.

Step 15: First Boot of the CentOS Server

You will be welcomed by a Setup Agent window to modify some changes. I would recommend turning off the firewall for now to eliminate any trouble you may have in the next steps.

Step 16: Prompt Screen
You will now be prompted for your username and password to log into the server.

Please note: You will not get a response on the screen while typing in password


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  1. awsome..ur articles is cool.
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